Welcome! My name is Christiaan and I make oil paintings. They are made with high quality materials and yet affordable. Here you can find the online gallery: poeticoilpainting.etsy.com

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The underpainting ... or "grisaille"

Most of the time when looking at a new painting I immediately see if somebody did an underpainting. A "grisaille". Because if you skip it, usually the balance between lights and darks is very hard to get right. Personally I think this is the main reason why the classical painters were often so much better than contemporary artists. Nowadays people just slam on some paint in some flashy colours, and question themselves why doesn't it look like Rembrandt...



I wrote a step by step guide on how to do an oil painting of a cat! It will teach you everything from start to finish: surface, grounding, style, under-painting and the use of colour.

If you are interested you can buy it on: poeticoilpainting.etsy.com
Also it is possible to first read an exerpt.


Last days of 2016 & monthly newsletter...

I hope 2016 was a good year for you. For me it was, as I made a lot of new paintings. As well as an online etsy shop, which was quite complicated to get up and running! As an introduction to my art, I am now painting a series of smaller pieces. These are for sale at a reduced price! To this blog I've added also the option to receive a monthly newsletter. See the right column. When you sign up, you will get a printable art poster for free. You will be updated with my newest paintings automatically, as well as stories, and tips & tricks about painting. I value people who have an interest in my art very highly, and will never send spam or anything like that. Greetings, and a happy new year!

Christiaan Veltkamp